Nintendo Direct airs, Super Smash Bros coming to Nintendo Switch

Feast your eyes on that fire in the sky! For Nintendo have brought us the king of couch-games to Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo have been at the top of their game lately. Just barely over a year into the life cycle of the Switch, they’ve released some of their company’s best games ever in Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with Breath of the Wild taking the award for Game of the Year. While breaking record after record in being the fastest selling video game console ever made, they clearly don’t plan on hitting the brakes anytime soon.

Last night they aired a Nintendo Direct to showcase some of their forthcoming titles for the 3DS and Switch. Rather than a lot of new announcements, a long list of ports took up the majority of the video. Mind you, ports are a welcome addition because the Switch offers the opportunity for games that were once limited to a TV screen to become portable.

Some of those games are crossing the bridge to the Nintendo gates for the first time. Those include South Park: the Fractured But Whole, Undertale, the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, and the recently announced Dark Souls Remastered. The latter getting an oh so charming new amiibo in the form of Solaire, which only seemed like a dream at one point in time. I own only one amiibo, Wolf Link, which came with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Being a massive Dark Souls fan, Solaire will undoubtedly be my second.

Just look at that incandescent pose.

Aside from that, Nintendo put a lot of time showing off new Splatoon 2 content, announcing a decently packed 20$ expansion. And then they closed out the video with a big reveal and surprise that has everybody talking. The inkling from Splatoon that starred in the expansion trailer had something reflecting in its eye.

There it was. The Super Smash Bros logo shining like a sun, with a cast of characters below. Mario and Link each got closeups so we could easily make them out. The video ended with the year “2018” laid out on the screen.

That’s right, Super Smash Bros is coming to the Switch THIS YEAR.

There’s no clear confirmation if it’s a new game in the series, or a deluxe port of the Wii U edition. However, seeing that Inkling from Splatoon is a totally new character and Link is seen sporting his Breath of the Wild outfit, new content is guaranteed either way. Super Smash Bros is one of the highest selling franchises of all time, and bringing it to Switch means Nintendo is keeping their foot on the gas.

-Braden Jackson

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