Nick Kyrgios Needs to be Suspended

A few days ago, Nick Kyrgios defaulted from a match for an epic meltdown. For those who do not follow tennis, Kyrgios has a history of this kind of behavior. He’s known on the tour for his hot head, which has led to him being penalized on many different occasions. But in Rome, Kyrgios went to a new level and channeled his inner Bobby Knight. In the third set of his match at the Rome Masters, down 2-1. Kyrgios lost it.

He slammed his racquet to the ground very close to a lineswoman, he kicked over a water bottle, and if that wasn’t enough, he then took a chair and threw it on the court. The first two acts resulted in a game loss, which put him down 2-1. The third event resulted in him being defaulted from the match.

Apparently, Kyrgios’ anger stemmed from a ball boy moving between his first and second serve. Whatever the reason, having a meltdown like that is unacceptable. If this was a first-time offense for Kyrgios, then I think a fine would be enough. But Kyrgios seems to have these issues more often than not. Clearly, fining him isn’t the answer. For this meltdown, he was fined 20,000 Euros, which is about $22,300.

At this point, a lengthy suspension is in order. Hopefully, that will be what he needs to cool his head. He can use that time to focus on getting himself mental help instead of preparing for tennis. Kyrgios is a tremendously talented player, but too often, his anger gets in the way of his success. It goes way beyond a simple competitive drive. Kyrgios’ temper is a detriment to him and the game of tennis. The best thing the ATP can do for him is suspend him. Hopefully this time off will not only make him a better tennis player but a better person as well.

-Stephen Brown

One thought on “Nick Kyrgios Needs to be Suspended

  • May 20, 2019 at 5:06 pm

    There were a few things left out of this article. Kyrgios was only defaulted after he quit the match, shook hands with his opponent and the chair umpire, and walked off the court. He also was visibly upset with members of the crowd who he was yelling at during his tirade.

    In my opinion you are portraying Kyrgios as a terrible guy who needs mental help and while he clearly has his demons (don’t we all?), he also does a ton of work with children and has his own charity. A suspension would do him no good because he doesn’t need tennis and doesn’t seem like he really loves the game anyway. He needs the tour to get him some help and some mentors to bump up his maturity level. He’s not the only player throwing rackets or yelling or even breaking things, and he puts on a show when he’s engaged and focused on the match. The easy thing to do is suspend and/or fine him, the best thing to do would be to try and help one of the game’s most talented, entertaining, unique, and outspoken players instead.


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