NFL Weekly Preview: Week 5


Patriots are Back… or Were They Ever Gone?

The Patriots curb stomped the Indianapolis Colts this past Thursday to move to 3-2. Josh Gordon also caught his first touchdown as a New England Patriot, it was also Tom Brady’s 500th career TD and the record breaking 71st different receiver to catch a TD from Brady. The Pats looked very good offensively with Edelman back in, it opened up the field more for other receivers. Unfortunately Brady did have two interceptions from bobbled passes off of Hogan, and Gronk. Brady looked perfect, and showed amazing trust throwing it in double coverage to Gordon for the TD. “Brady to Gordon for the TD” is something I look forward to hearing a lot this season.

Browns are The Real Deal

The Browns got absolutely screwed by the refs which kept the Raiders alive late in the game, and ultimately led them to their first win this season. It sucks for the Browns but they put up 42 points on the board. While the Raiders’ defense isn’t the best, this team can hang with anybody. This team used to be an easy win for whoever they were playing, but not anymore. Call me crazy but I’m still sticking with them to make a wildcard spot.

Other news around the league

The Steelers are LOL terrible, like I said before they aren’t making the playoffs this year, even if Bell reports in week 7.

The Kansas City Chiefs are so overrated it hurts. Every year the Pats stink and people freak out saying they finally suck and then they shut everybody else up, and every year the Chiefs start off red hot and then suck so bad by the start of the playoffs. Last year was the same thing and so was the year before yet where has it gotten them? Absolutely nowhere. They’ll have a first round exit in the playoffs.


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