NFL Weekly Preview: Week 3

Lots to talk about so let’s dive in!


Yes you are reading that correctly. Hell has not frozen over and pigs are not flying, but the Cleveland Browns have finally won a game. I have been a Browns fan since they drafted Baker and I gotta say waiting two weeks for a win was wayyyyyyyy too long for my liking. The QB under helm was none other than Baker Mayfield as well, unfortunately for Tyrod. Seeing Tyrod go down and having to give up his starting QB spot to Mayfield is not the way I wanted this all to play out. While it’s a shitty situation Baker is an absolute stud. He came in down 14 points and pulled the comeback off, to give the Cleveland Browns their first win since RGIII #Yikes

Josh Gordon to the Patriots

This was supposed to be the week where everybody and their mother wrote off the patriots for the 4th straight year. You all know what I’m talking about, the Pats lose by double digits in the first few weeks and the sky starts falling in Foxborough.

“The Patriots dynasty is OVER!”

“They’re not good anymore.”

Yeah and then they come back and make the SuperBowl year after year. Thankfully we didn’t have to sit through those types of articles this whole week because Josh Gordon signed with the Patriots on Monday. Yes the kind of deep threat the patriots haven’t had since arguably Randy Moss. Josh Gordon is an absolute animal, and he has the ability to be a top 3 wide receiver in this league. It can be tough to come in and have to learn a whole new system, but Josh Gordon worked his ass off to make it back into the NFL, I think he’ll have to work his ass off again but he can absolutely do it.

Trouble in paradise for the Steelers

Bell still hasn’t reported to the Steelers, and doesn’t look like he will be anytime soon. He might honestly not play a snap this year for the Steelers. If they keep losing they might start calling his phone and beg him to come back. Not only is Bell an issue but it looks like Antonio Brown might not be having a fun time either. He was yelling at his offensive coordinator during the game against Kansas City. He then tweeted saying “Trade Me”. He did come out and say he doesn’t want to be traded, and he is just mad because they aren’t winning. I understand you want to win, but man oh man if they keep losing then it might be hard to rally the troops.

John O’Connell
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