NFL Weekly Preview: Week 2

NFL Weekly Preview 2

A lot has transpired this past week so let’s jump into some of the topics!

Patriots’ defense looks great in debut.

I think I speak for most people when I say we weren’t expecting much from the Patriots defense against Deshaun Watson and the Texans. Last year they couldn’t stop a nosebleed, but things were different this time. The Patriots pressured the QB the most out of any other NFL team. Yes you read that correctly. The team last year that couldn’t get any pressure to any QB, suddenly has a much better defensive front. Hopefully they can keep this up!

Browns DON’T LOSE, but they don’t win either….

The Cleveland Browns finally didn’t lose a game, but they technically didn’t win it either. A tie is a tie, and for them that should be a moral victory considering it came against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  While I still think that the Steelers are a subpar team this year, especially without Bell, they are still a formidable team. Now if Tyrod can get some better rhythm they could have won that game, but unfortunately he had a few over throws and underthrows. Now if Mayfield was in at QB things would have been different… just sayin. #PLAYBAKER

Matt Patricia and Detroit not mixing well.

Detroit got absolutely blasted by the Jets. There is no other way to put it than that. Everything that Detroit could have done wrong, they did. Apparently the Jets defense knew what plays the offense was running because of the signals. That is not a good start to your coaching career. Apparently some players in the locker room do not like Patricia’s coaching style. Some players are used to the old ways and they do not like the change, which could cause some issues for the team overall. If Patricia can’t get these guys to settle down and play football, because they clearly weren’t playing football in week 1, then he might be on the hot seat really quick.

Dez Bryant Watch

Where in the world is Dez gonna land. He’s bound to end up on some NFL team right? I mean the guy isn’t terrible, he could absolutely help out some team’s receiving core. The Patriots absolutely could use him right now, they are very thin at WR, and Bryant has talked extensively on twitter about wanting to play for the Pats. He has now even starting talking to sources close to him saying “he will probably play for the Pats” now what’s that all about? Does Dez have some insider info that we don’t know? I don’t think he has had any visits with the team, maybe he just thinks he’ll get a call, and to be honest I really hope he does.

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