NFL Top 10 Notable Free Agents: Numbers 6-10

Last week I touched upon what I think are the top 5 free agents going into the NFL offseason.  I left you with a list of the next 5 on my top 10 list and here’s what I think of each of these players and where they might land.

6. Malcom Butler, CB

NFL: AFC Championship-New England Patriots at Denver Broncos

The Butler controversy with the Patriots is a big talk this offseason.  There are a few ways you can look at it, but the one thing I can almost be sure of is he’s probably on his way out of New England.

Biggest splash: Signing with the Texans.  Now this isn’t because DeAndre Hopkins was already scouting him, but because I think he is best fit here.  The Texans need help on the defensive side of the ball and on the offensive side of the ball their future looks fantastic with Deshaun Watson.

7. Allen Robinson, WR


Robinson unfortunately didn’t play the 2017-2018 season.  However he had already proven himself as a solid receiver option throughout the NFL.  I say this because he put up impressive numbers with Blake Bortles throwing to him.

Biggest splash: Signing with the Rams.  The Rams have some good receivers but with Sammy Watkins an unrestricted free agent I think they let him walk and take a chance on Robinson.  Adding more weapons to that already potent offense can’t hurt… right?

8. Dion Lewis, RB

dion lewis

Lewis put up some impressive numbers towards the end of this season and has been an overall really good running back in his career.  His one problem has been durability but it hasn’t been an issue as of late.  Lewis is probably looking to get paid and history tells us the Patriots would rather pick up unproven guys for cheap at this position instead of paying their guys big.

Biggest splash:  Signing with the Lions.  The Lions haven’t had a solid running back in a while and I think if they wanna win with Stafford they have to go out and get some big free agents.  The Lions also like their running backs with the ability to catch passes out of the backfield at that’s one of Lewis’ strong suits.

9. Andrew Norwell, C

andrew norwell

Norwell has been one of the better lineman in the NFL and where its hard to come by good lineman he may be a hot commodity.  Unfortunately I think this is a situation where we see the team keeping their free agent so there probably won’t be any big headlines here.

Biggest splash:  Signing with the Bengals.  This one makes the most sense for me, the Bengals have unaddressed offensive line issues from last seasons free agency and spending big money on Norwell would give them the boost they need to get back on track.

10. Jimmy Graham, TE

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks

Graham has had an interesting time in Seattle.  They seem to be able to utilize him around the goal line very well,  but their lack of running game proves it hard for him to get going.  The Seahawks seem to like Graham but their lack of cap space might make it hard for them to keep him.

Biggest splash:  Signing with the 49ers.  If the 9ers go out and grab big names like Graham they’d be telling the football world they want to win, and now.  However I can see them saving their money, building through the draft, and developing Garoppolo.

-Jon Tetreault @jtetreault13

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