NFL Playoff Power Rankings: Super Wild Card Round Rankings

First Batch of NFL Playoff Power Rankings

Welcome to the Post Season NFL Power Rankings!!

If you missed the final set of Power Rankings from prior to the Week 18 season check it out here!

The season has come and gone and we are officially into the playoffs, so instead of doing a full final NFL Power Rankings, I am going to do an NFL Playoff Power Rankings!

So, with that being said, let’s dive into some NFL Playoff Power Rankings before the Playoffs get going!

14. Pittsburgh Steelers 9-7-1- AFC 7TH OVERALL SEED

We start at the bottom of the NFL Playoff Power Rankings with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Pittsburgh squeaked into the playoffs thanks to some legit last-second heroics by Daniel Carlson and the Raiders. They now face a tough test in the Wild Card round as they face the Kansas City Chiefs

It is totally possible they win, especially with the play of TJ Watt defensively. but they are going to need to step it up a notch if they want any chance to compete this weekend.

13. Philadelphia Eagles 9-8 – NFC 7TH OVERALL SEED

Philadelphia had a miraculous run to the playoffs, now they move in as the final seed in the NFC. They get the chance to face the defending champions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

As long as the team is healthy, by all means, they have a chance. Jalen Hurts has been playing better as of late and with a full complement of weapons, they will be tough to beat.

12. Las Vegas Raiders 10-7- AFC 5TH OVERALL SEED

Las Vegas won it in the final second of overtime to clinch their spot in the postseason. They now get a date with Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Derek Carr and Co. have played much better as of late, and this game should be a shootout, only if the Raiders do not turn over the ball. It will not be easy, but they can do it.

11. San Francisco 49ers 10-7 – NFC 6TH OVERALL SEED

San Francisco matches up with the Dallas Cowboys in the wild card round, making what should be an intriguing matchup.

Jimmy G and Co. should be able to go back and forth with the Cowboys in Arlington in what could be one of the most exciting matchups of the weekend. Plus, with Deebo Samuel, anything is on the board.

10. New England Patriots 10-7 – AFC 6TH OVERALL SEED

New England gets an intriguing matchup with rival Buffalo Bills in Buffalo. It will be the third matchup this season. It is expected to be cold and raw this time around, so it will be interesting to see how the teams adust.

Patriots could totally pull off the upset, but they will need to tighten their defense down and get a consistent offense going again if they want to advance.

9. Buffalo Bills 11-6 – AFC 3RD OVERALL SEED

Buffalo gets to face New England. It will be interesting to see how the two teams plan for each other for the third time around.

Buffalo needs to be able to tighten up their run defense and make Mac throw the ball if they want a chance to advance for the second straight year.

8. Dallas Cowboys 12-5 – NFC 4TH OVERALL SEED

Oh which Dallas will show up in the playoffs… One year after missing the playoffs, a healthy Dak and an explosive Cowboys offense is back in the playoffs looking to make a run.

They will have a date with another explosive offense in the San Francisco 49ers, as long as Micah Parsons and the defense are healthy they should have no problem slowing down a high-powered offense that is San Fran.

As long as Dak and Co. do not sputter on offense, they could be booking a ticket to the Divisional Round.

7. Tennessee Titans 11-5 – AFC 1ST OVERALL SEED

Yes, I have Tennessee Titans, the first seed in the AFC at the 7th position. I do not trust Ryan Tannehill, on top of no one knows what you will get out of a returning Derrick Henry who is notoriously known for not showing up for the playoffs.

I am in no way saying that they cannot make it to the Super Bowl, but, I do think we are overhyping this team slightly.

 6.  Arizona Cardinals 11-6 – NFC 5TH OVERALL SEED

Arizona is an intriguing team that gets a rivalry showdown in the Wild Card Round with division foe, Rams.

If the Cardinals of the first seven weeks can show up in the postseason, then I have no doubt that they can make a run at the Lombardi. Although, if they show signs of downfall as they did at the end of the season, then they will most likely be a first-round exit.

5. Los Angeles Rams 12-5 – NFC 4th OVERALL SEED

The Rams are in the same boat as the Cardinals, as they get to square off against each other in the Wild Card Round.

This will be Stafford’s first appearance in the playoffs since 2016. It needs to be noted the struggles that Mathew Stafford has had as of late with interceptions. It is key that he does not turn the ball over in the playoffs and he needs to keep a clean pocket in order to get past this good Cardinals defense.

4. Cincinnati Bengals 9-7- AFC 4TH OVERALL SEED

The Bengals are back in the playoffs since the Andy Dalton era. This time they will be led by the dynamic second-year QB, Joe Burrow, and second-year head coach, Zack Taylor. They will square off against the Las Vegas Raiders.

The biggest thing for the Bengals is for the young guns not to get caught up in the moment, they need to keep focused like a regular-season game. If they can do that, and keep the electric offense that has been on fire the last few weeks, this Bengals team will be unstoppable.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12-4 – NFC 2ND OVERALL SEED

Tampa, is well, Tampa… not much to say here, they sit as the second overall seed in the NFC, along with being third overall in the NFL Playoff Power Rankings. they get a nice matchup with the Eagles in the Wild Card round at Raymond James Stadium.

If anyone knows how to navigate the playoffs it’s Tom Brady, and if they keep laser-focused as always, they will be looking at a repeat.

2. Kansas City Chiefs 12-5 – AFC 2ND OVERALL SEED

I hate to say it, but Kansas City is back…

Patrick Mahomes and Co. have climbed back from the dead and are the second seed in the AFC. They get a favorable matchup against the Steelers in the first week of the Playoffs.

The biggest key for the Chiefs is to not turn the ball over, on top of not letting the pocket collapse on Mahomes and let him make erratic throws. They do that, and they will be back for the Lombardi.

1. Green Bay Packers 13-4 – NFC 1ST OVERALL SEED

It is simple for the top-seeded Packers, do not let off the gas. The NFC runs through Lambeau, that is all you need to know, do not let your guard down and play up to your potential. If they can do that, then the final ride for Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams as Packers will have been worth it.

Wrapping up the Final NFL Power Rankings

It has been a wild NFL season and I want to thank everyone for following me and my NFL Power Rankings!! Enjoy what should be a wild NFL Playoffs!!

Maybe, just maybe, I will be back next week for the divisional round rankings!

Photo Courtesy: Sporting News

-Jeff Hoak (@jeffhoak1)

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