NFL Players Testing Positive for COVID-19

Several members of the Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys have tested positive for coronavirus, according to Ian Rapoport. Rapoport also reported that Ezekiel Elliot is among the positive players. Texas has been spiking in the number of confirmed cases in the last few weeks after the state reopened. This comes shortly after the NFL issued guidelines for reopening their facilities.

There are reports that none of the affected players on either team have been inside team facilities since reopening. Zeke’s agent, Rocky Arceneaux, confirmed that his client is one of the players that tested positive. He told Rapoport that Elliot is “feeling good” now. The Cowboys released a statement saying that they cannot comment on the personal health of any of their employees due to federal and local privacy laws.

Final Thoughts

The league’s commissioner Roger Goodell and the owners had previously thought that it was possible that the NFL season would be played in its entirety, possibly with fans in some capacity. However, after reports of numerous players contracting the virus since Texas reopened, I don’t think that’s in the cards for us this year. The NFL has already canceled the league’s international series of games for the 2020 season in preparation for the new normal to take place. There is potential that the preseason will shorten to two games in hopes to keep the regular season intact. I think that will be hard to do. Teams are only just now opening facilities to the coaching staff and other personnel. Players are still taking part in a virtual offseason, hopefully they can all stay healthy. I hope that the NFL season doesn’t get shortened. However, it’s getting hard to picture a perfect scenario where we get to see 16 games of our favorite teams play.

-Jess Donahue (@jldx392)

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