New York or Washington?

No, this isn’t a matchup preview. This is a question relating to their division. What’s the question you ask? The question is, who will win this division? It appears we are close to this answer. The division crown will go to either the Washington Football Team or the New York Giants. It’s about time we finally have a clear answer into who will most likely win this division.

Washington Football Team

It would be fitting in 2020 if the Washington Football Team comes away with winning the NFC East. After everything that has happened to this organization, a division title would mean a lot to this team. Especially to Dan Synder, the team owner who’s been under fire for mutliple reasons all season long. But, can the Football Team pull this off? In short, yes they can. Their remaining schedule features back to back road games in Pittsburgh and San Francisco, before returning home to play Seattle and Carolina. They wrap up the season Philadelphia. This team is continuing to surprise everyone and can easily close out the season going 3-2.


Let’s take a look at this Washington offense. Since Alex Smith made his return, this offense looks more complete. No disrespect to the other Washington quarterbacks, but Alex Smith is better than all of you. The second he was cleared to play, it should have been an obvious choice to make him the starting quarterback. It sadly took a grusome leg injury to Kyle Allen for Smith to even get a chance. Since taking over, Smith has gone 107-155. 1,067, three touchdowns and five interceptions. If Alex Smith had better protection, these stats would be better.

Scary Terry

Wide Receiver Terry McLaurin took the NFL by storm and is now one of the best wide receivers in the league. When someone thinks about the Football Team, instantly McLaurin will be named. He’s been able to build chemisty with Alex Smith which has allowed to expand his skill set. Unfortunately, McLaurin suffers from the Julio Jones curse. He never gets touchdowns. He’s a threat down the field, and sets up the team in the red zone, but sadly never gets rewarded. This season, McLaurin has 69 receptions, 963 yards and three touchdowns.


The Washington defense is starting to gain attention from everybody. The front four is starting to be considered the best front four in the NFL. That front four consist of Chase Young, Montez Sweat, Daron Payne and Johnathan Allen. Believe it or not, despite the name, Chase Young isn’t the best on this line. Montez Sweat is the best player on this line. Sweat this year has 28 total tackles, 17 total tackles, six sacks, two forced fumbles and one interception that was returned back for a touchdown. Sweat’s name is never mentioned and it’s criminal that he is barely mentioned compared to Chase Young.

New York Giants

That’s right, the Daniel Jones led New York Giants are the other team competing to win the division. It would be something if Daniel Jones makes an appearance in the playoffs in just his second year in the NFL. In case you forgot, the Giants took a big risk with picking Jones with the sixth pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. This pick sent Giants fans into a frenzy since they believed that Jones was not worth the sixth pick. So far, Jones has proved that he was and now he’s just five games away from hosting a playoff game. The remaining schedule for the Giants consist of a trip to Seattle, followed by two home games against Arizona and Cleveland. They wrap things up with traveling to Baltimore and hosting Dallas. Just like Washington, this is a 3-2 finish for the Giants.


The second Saquon went down with that torn ACL, everyone and their mom ruled out the Giants winning this division. They were also ruled out of being a threat on offense. Even though they still aren’t the flashiest team on offense, it appears the offense has moved on from falling down by themseleves with nobody around. However, the offense might be taking another hit. Daniel Jones suffered a hamstring injury and could miss some time. This season, Jones is 228-361, 2,335 yards, and he has eight touchdowns and nine interceptions. Jones also has 403 rushing yards and one touchdown. Wayne Gallman, who has stepped up, should take over as a leader for the offense. Gallman has six touchdowns on the year to go with 369 yards. Gallman isn’t the flashiest, but he gets the job done.

Darius Slayton

Darius Slayton is easily the top receiver on this roster. Yes, Slayton is better than Sterling Sheppard and Golden Tate. In just his second season, Slayton has become the top target for Daniel Jones. Just like the rest of the team, he still needs work, but he gets the job done. He too suffers from the Julio Jones curse where he doesn’t get touchdowns. However, sometimes it’s because Daniel Jones is having his own problems dealing with blitzes and such, but if Slayton gets the ball, he will make a play. When Saquon comes back, Darious Slayton will be a completel different player in a good way. This season, Slayton has 38 receptions, 584 yards and three touchdowns. Keep in mind who is quarterback is, and what that offense line struggles in. If Jones can get protection and time to throw the ball, expect Slayton to have crazy numbers.


The Giants defense is a work in progress. That’s the best way to describe how it’s been defensively for the Giants. Blake Martinez and Leonard Williams have been the two diamonds in the rough. Leonard Williams leads the team with six sacks on the season and Blake Martinez has 101 tackles on the season. Martinez is a tackling machine. In the secondary, Logan Ryan and James Bradberry cause issues. Bradberry has three interceptions on the season where Logan Ryan has forced three fumbles on the season. As previously said, the Giants defense is a work in progress but they are on their way.

So who wins?

On paper, the New York Giants have an advantage. They swept the Washington Football team this season. If the Giants can keep pace with the Football Team, this division theirs. In other words, Washington needs to have one more win than the Giants. This division could be settled come week 17, so football fans need to keep their eyes on these two teams as an exciting finish in the making to determine who wins this division.

-Matt Burnett (mattthew_jordan on Twitter)ย 

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