Eli Manning accepts new role with Giants management

New York Giants Set to Retire Eli Manning’s Number 10

For almost my entire life I had the privilege to have Eli Manning as the quarterback for my team the New York Football Giants. Eli Manning was a class act both on the field and off the field. He represented the New York Giants franchise the right way with nothing but class. People can say that Eli Manning is not a first ballot hall of famer, but that is not true. He has Hall of Fame numbers. Not to mention also having two of the most remarkable superbowl runs and two MVP’s to go along with them. During his superbowl runs he made two of the most incredible throws in superbowl history. We all remember Eli escaping the sac and throwing a bomb to David Tyree which was a game changing moment in that game. Then during Eli’s second superbowl run when he threaded the most perfect ball in between two defenders to Mario Manningham. Both of these throws were remarkable and go down as some of the top Superbowl throws in history. I am so happy for Eli that no New York Giant will wear number 10 again and I look forward to being at the game when they retire his number. 

Eli new role with the team

I am so happy that Eli Manning will be rejoining the Giants in a new position. He will be in a new role focusing on business operations and fan engagement. This is a great move for Eli and the New York Giants. It keeps him involved in the organization with fans. I believe he will bring a lot to this role and reinvigorate fans’ passion for the beloved Giants for the coming seasons. I am forever grateful for Eli Manning and the two Super Bowls he brought me as a Giants fan and cannot wait to see what other great things he brings to this new chapter of his Giants career.   

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~Chris Addorisio (@Addoriso19 On Twitter)

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