New England Revolution: Home Opener 2021

The weekend is here and the MLS Season is here as well!

With less than 24 hours before the home opener for the New England Revolution, figured to create some excitement around it. For starters, Revolution fans should be stoic at the fact that there CAN be fans in the stadium! The 2020 season was one of the most challenging ones ever given no fans allowed. In addition to that, the New England Revolution went onto the playoffs and went far!

So yes, with 24 hours to go before the whistle is blown at home, the excitement is real!

MLS 2021 – Season Start!

Last week, our boys went to Chicago and gave a decent performance but with room for improvement. The beginning of the game was scary as we went down 2 goals to nothing in the opening 15 minutes. However, it was the leadership and grit of the team in itself that brought itself back into contention.

Our goal scorer Adam Buksa though fought back and led the force to a great comeback in Chicago.

So yes, that game ended 2-2 and not a bad start considering being away from home. With 1 point on the table though, now its time to bring it home and get the season started!

An Emotional Welcome Home!

As I mentioned earlier, the stands for about 414 days have been eerie quiet at Gillette Stadium. Our New England Revolution boys haven’t heard the sound of their fans for quite some time. So, what could be better? The build up right now to this home opener is just explosive and it’s time to get the blood pumping for the fans but also our boys!

The excitement all throughout the team is unreal, and the goosebumps created as the home opener approaches are also wild.

While some of our veterans in the team have had the opportunity to interact with fans, think of some of the other members who really haven’t. One of those members being Tommy McNamara who joined via trade in late-August.

Another aspect to think about is someone as passionate as Gustavo Bou! He is a player that thrives when the fans are in house and can’t wait to see what he brings for this home opener. Time to let “La Pantera” roar!!!

Last But Not Least….

During the off-season, there were some great signings and in this week we learned more about a huge piece to the puzzle. Bruce Arena got a massive boost to the midfield presence in a late offseason signing in Arnor Traustason (Iceland).

The Icelandic comes to New England at a time ready to go for a debut and bring the house to roar. If there was anything that last week told us, was we needed a massive presence improvement. Arnor brings that in every way! His experience, his tenacity and his role can only expand from here. Arnor is already making his great introduction with the New England fan-base and I can only imagine the strength he is about to give this team overall.

I can’t wait for this season opener and can’t wait to see our amazing fans make some noise!!! Rebellion, Midnight Riders, you all know what to do!

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ On Twitter).


Diego Galvis

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