New England Patriots 2020 Outlook

These are surely difficult times for all of us here in New England, things have come at us like a tsunami and yet we are full of resiliency and hope. We are all currently feeling the effects of this Coronavirus. We’re also taking hits seeing Tom Brady leave us for Tampa Bay, Mookie Betts leave for the Dodgers, Chris Sale’s season over as he needs surgery, an unbelievable Bruins season very much over thanks to Coronavirus and yet our determination for hope and not giving up remains intact.

But, enough with the current situation. Let’s move forward and let’s take a look at the future of the New England Patriots! Sure feels like so much uncertainty with the team, not getting enough talent power signed yet is driving us crazy, so many of our boys have left and moved on, but what can we hope for? Honestly, I am kind of excited to see what’s next for the Patriots!!! Who can we count on?

Jarrett Stidham:


Is he our next star-boy? our next hope? I will say, I am not exactly sure but I will definitely trust in Bill Belichick who clearly believes in Jarrett and why wouldn’t one do so? He is young, talented for sure, has a great arm and has speed! I personally am excited to see him in action. Last year during the pre-season, he was dominant and I think that a year beside Tom Brady and with the coaching and knowledge of Josh McDaniels, the AFC East may be in for a surprise!

The Patriot Way! #DoYourJob!


If there is something the patriots are famous for, is their way of handling things and a disciplined mentality. One thing for sure that will be a full display this year with Bill Belichick running the show, is a team that is goal-oriented, and disciplined. I truly do believe this year we will see a very focused, DO YOUR JOB like patriots.

Matthew Slater! “HOW DO WE FEEL!!!”


Awwww Yeahhh!!!! I am excited as all hell seeing Matthew Slater back. If anyone has seen Slater playing the fast 5 seasons, dude has been in beast-mode locked and loaded!! Last year, he was in an insane level of filth, incredible honestly and to have his discipline, result-driven mentality as well as his leadership in the team and locker room will be essential for the incoming players to feed off and get behind whatever strategy Belichick has in store.

For Now Though….

Wild Card Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots

Thank you, Tom!

Seriously though, it is time for us to be ready to move on from Tom Brady. How can one say that after 20 years of excellence? Honestly, it isn’t easy to say goodbye to the GOAT, especially after so many special moments that he has brought to New England and for his undeniable contributions and talent that brought us Super Bowl titles. But, it is time to move on, and it was coming one way or another.

Tom isn’t getting any younger. With such low cap space for the Patriots, there just wasn’t a way that things could’ve worked out for all. Although he is now gone to the Buccaneers, my respect and admiration for him will never change. He is indisputably the greatest of all time. Honestly, I would love to see a Super Bowl show down between the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers happen this season!

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