Nerds are Wasting the Term “Echo Chamber”

This is probably the random-est blog of all time but I have a bone to pick with everybody who is saying the term “Echo Chamber”. I’ll admit I had no fucking clue what it meant for a year or so. When I was in the liquor store buying a sixer of Twisted Teas I would overhear the News continuously using the phrase. I would get excited at first because I’d hear a voice say “people are trapped in an “ECHO CHAMBER” which sounded like an evil villain had citizens locked in a room torturing them with some sort of super sonic echo technology. I figured it was only a matter time before Superman would smash through the ceiling to save helpless victims.

Another time I was buying scratch tickets and heard some geek’s voice on the radio behind the counter say “Echo Chambers will be the downfall of politics.” I said to myself oh shit there’s that word again. In this instance I imagined politicians sending each other small boxes that when opened, released an echoed message that would disappear after it was heard by the intended recipient — kind of like Illuminati snap chat. I thought– Oh wow, these small secret message boxes really could be the downfall of politics.

It wasn’t until I was at home one night smoking cigarettes in my living room that I finally looked up what this mysterious phrase meant. Dude, it just fucking means like a group of people that continuously agree with each other and mimic each other’s political sentiments so certain groups continuously hear a reiterated message allowing little room for political growth. What a fucking gyp!

So, I’m saying all this to say: Hey idiots! Stop wasting echo chamber. That term should be reserved for a super hero’s underground cave– or the name of some hot new rap album. Stop wasting it on lame ass politics.





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