Nelson Agholor Not Laying Out in Last Night’s Eagles Loss Was a BAD, Bad, Bad Look

The Eagles are taking a BEATING this season. They got tied to the train tracks last night and were absolutely mowed down by the Dallas Cowboys. The same Dallas Cowboys who lost to the New York Jets. The Jets lone win of the season came against Dak and the boys. The Eagles couldn’t remotely handle what Dallas threw at them last night and I guess Nelson Agholor couldn’t handle a deep pass from Carson Wentz either.

Unreal. UNREAL. So as you can tell by the caption of the video, Agholor had the opportunity to explain himself and he basically said that by the time he got to where he needed to be, the ball was out of position. To which I say; poppycock.

Look, I understand that things look different in slow motion. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to sports. You’re watching the game with a group of people and whenever one of these athletes who, you know, could be considered some of the best in the world, miss a ball or something, the chirps come flying in when they show the slow-mo replay. “Oh, how did you not catch that ball!”. Pipe down, Joe. You missed the same ball in your 8th grade Pop Warner game that you constantly re-live.

But this one… Yikes. How do you not at LEAST layout and make it look like you gave it your all? I don’t even care if you punch the ball away, just make it look like you tried, man.

How does it go through your mind that you could use the excuse that basically says you weren’t ready for it by the time you saw the ball coming. You stared that thing down like a frat boy looking at Molly. Yupp.

This is the type of play that Bill Belichick cuts you for immediately. You don’t even make the team bus or flight. You’re forced to get your own plane ticket home. To not even layout in a game where you’re playing your division rivals is a WILD move.

It’s all come full circle. Maybe this guy had it right.

But hey… I’m not saying… But I’m saying. Bill Belichick can probably get this guy some new hands. Tom Brady wants another target. You do the math.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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