NCAA Tournament to be Played in Front of No Fans

Shams just tweeted this out about an hour ago and let me tell you, I am in disbelief.  I can’t believe they actually closed the doors to the second most viewed sporting event in the US.  I’m so torn on this that it’s really hard to pick a side and stand by it.  I totally understand the decision to have this without fans.  You have no idea where these fans have been and if they are infected or anything like that.  I get that the NCAA is taking precautions and trying to keep everyone safe, especially it’s athletes.

But, I just can’t get over how much this might be a huge overreaction.  A lot of colleges are starting to cancel classes, sports, and other events for the rest of spring semester and just having their students work from home.  Once again the last thing these administrations want is for one of their students to get that virus and cause an uproar, so cancelling the rest of spring semester is probably for the best.  But like the flu also kills way more people yearly than the coronavirus.  So why doesn’t this reaction happen literally every year?

I’m just hoping the NCAA can do right by their decision.  I cannot imagine watching the Final Four in Atlanta and hearing a pin drop.  I think it’s going to be a top 5 moment in sports history and it’s kind of cool that it will happen in our lifetime, or maybe they do a complete 180 and have it at like a local rec center.  Either way it will be surreal and eerie.  Without the fans though, March Madness just won’t be the same this year.  The best part is always seeing the student sections going absolutely bonkers when their team wins or seeing fans cry when they lose.

-John (@Uncle_Mac4)

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