NCAA Needs a New CFP Committee

You ever just look at something and immediately lose brain cells over?  No, well here you go:

The College Football Playoff Committee has been pushing their stupid agendas all year, and frankly it is ruining the sport this year.  LSU, Ohio State, and Clemson are all deserving of the top three spots, and I don’t hate Georgia at the 4 either.  But the elephant in the room is clearly who’s ranked fifth and sixth: Alabama and Oregon.

This proves 1000% that the committee hasn’t watched a single game this season if they have these two teams in the top 6.  Alabama and Oregon are the two most fake teams in the country.  Alabama shouldn’t be allowed in the playoffs until they actually schedule some good power-5 non-conference games.  I also love when people say, “But Alabama plays in the SEC, the best conference in football.” WRONG!  The SEC can suck a fat one.  The SEC on a good year (which this is one of them) has five teams that can win it all.  But like when Alabama plays the shitty Missouri’s and Mississippi’s and then gets stomped by the better LSU, I can’t help but call them a fraud.  Like Alabama, in actuality you play 3 tough games out of 12, the rest are easy.  You play LSU, Auburn, and if you’re lucky then Georgia in the SEC Championship.  This shouldn’t get you anywhere near the playoffs.

Oregon, now where do I even start…. The fact that they played literally LITERALLY one tough opponent in Auburn and lost, and they are the number six team in the country?!?!?!?  WHAT?!  Have you watched a game? or are you just pushing your agenda from the preseason that Oregon HAS to make the playoffs?  It is an absolute joke how bad the NCAA is and their stupid CFP Committee.  Oregon’s best win of the season was against No. 25 Washington, and even that game came down to the wire.  Like it blows by mind that you have people who have never played the game or even watched it for that matter decide these rankings.  Hey NCAA this is why people hate you.  You take the enjoyment out of it and it affects every fan in the world, but you just don’t seem to care.  This Oregon team is trash, yet they might get in if they win the PAC-12.  Also Utah at 7, really?

This just proves that the NCAA doesn’t give a shit about the sport, but instead what will sell.  I feel bad for Minnesota because they played their balls off to beat Penn St. on Saturday and they unfortunately won’t get rewarded for it.  I just don’t understand how the committee can be so high on these PAC-12 teams.  Like who the hell do they play? and when they do they pull an Alabama and lose.  Please do the right thing when the final selection is made and put the literal four best teams in, even if that means they have a loss or two.

My Top 10:

  1. LSU
  2. Ohio State
  3. Clemson
  4. Georgia
  5. Minnesota
  6. Penn St.
  7. Alabama
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Baylor
  10. Auburn


John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)

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