NCAA Doing Right By Spring Athletes

Something that I believe has been taking a back seat to the Coronavirus, obviously for good reason, is that the NCAA is allowing their spring sport athletes to return for another year of eligibility. This rule is not just for seniors, but all their spring athletes regardless of their year.

I think this is a very cool thing for the NCAA to do. You never know what one less year of eligibility could take away from a potential professional athlete. Now, of course, this is all up to the athletes themselves. If they want to come back, then they will get their extra year. Just by allowing these athletes to have that option is a great move by the NCAA.

Unfortunately, though, this only applies for the Spring sport athletes and not any of the winter sports that saw their seasons cut short. I understand why that is, due to them already completing 90% of their season. Still, going to miss March Madness and the Frozen Four. It is always fun watching those 18-22-year-old kids play their hearts out for their schools. Most schools just can’t sustain having an additional 2,000+ kids back on campus paired with the incoming freshman class. Housing would be a major issue if it is not already.

Where this could get interesting though is with football. If the COVID-19 drags out for another couple months and we as a country are not back to normal activities, does college football play a season? If not, do those athletes get their year of eligibility back? They should right? What if come November it’s back to normal and they have already missed about 2 months of games? It will be very interesting to see how this plays out, but for the time being, I think the NCAA did absolutely the right thing by allowing spring sport athletes to keep their year of eligibility.

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-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 

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