NBA is Expected to Approve Format this Thursday

There is good news coming from the NBA as they continue to take steps forward in resuming play. The announcement comes right after the NHL announced their plans of how they will be returning to the ice.

The format will include 20-22 teams, and the league is aiming to start back up by July 31st. If approved, the league will finish at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

With the new format, it will mean that the last month of the regular season will be canceled, having at least eight team’s seasons be over. If it is to be only 20 teams, then the Washington Wizards, who are 5.5 games back in the East, and the Phoenix Suns, who are six games behind in the West, would be the teams whose seasons would also be over.

Either way, this is good news for NBA basketball fans. The ending to the 2020 season isn’t going to be perfect, but I commend Commissioner Adam Silver. He continued to explore ways to finish the season and keep NBA fans hopeful.

As we wait for Thursday, it will still be a while until sports come back. However, both NBA and NHL fans will have something to look forward too during these chaotic times.

Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)


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