NBA Halloween Costume Rankings

Halloween is now over, but some NBA stars decided to dress up in costume and have a little fun. Here are the top costumes you may have missed.

#6 Aaron Gordon as Aaron Judge

Not only do these two have the same first name, but they also look crazily alike.

#5 LeBron James as Jason

LeBron decided to get spooky and dress up as one of the most gruesome killers of all time. Not the most creative costume, but maybe it sacred some of his teammates into playing better.

#4.Damian Lillard as Stone Cold Steve Austin

Lillard pulled this costume off so well. I mean when I first saw the video I thought that was Stone Cold himself. The strut made the costume work. Lillard must be feeling it as his team is off to a hot start (5-2). He should have cracked a couple cold ones to make the video perfect.

#3 Klay Thompson as Jackie Moon

Let’s get tropical baby! Klay had this costume down pact as he already looks like Jackie Moon. After he scored 52 points in one game, you have to honor whatever costume he decides to wear.

#2 Robin Lopez as Elliot from E.T.

Everyone loves Robin Lopez and his E.T. costume made me love him even more. You can tell he actually put time and effort into this costume. His Bulls team may be a disaster, but Lopez still found time to have a little fun.

#1 Derrick Rose as 2010-11 MVP Derrick Rose

Even though Derrick Rose didn’t actually dress up for Haloween, he sliced and diced the Utah Jazz defense. Rose went 2010-11 Rose (25 ppg) and torched the Jazz for 50 points.

Connor Strayer (@CouchGuyBigC)

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