The National Media Keeps Taking This Kyrie Irving Quote Out of Context

Kyrie Irving spoke to the media yesterday for the first time this off-season.

He answered a variety of questions ranging from the possibility of playing with LeBron again, to whether or not he wants to sign a contract extension with Boston this Summer. As far as the contract extension goes, it doesn’t make sense for Kyrie to sign this Summer. Based on his responses, he clearly knows this:

Why wouldn’t it make sense? If he were to wait until next Summer, chances are Kyrie is eligible to earn more money than he could if he were to sign this Summer. I’m not sure what the exact dollar amount is, but I’ve seen that it could be anywhere around an $80M difference. So yeah, I think it’s safe to say he should wait. Now, this is where the stupidity of national sports media comes into play:

Some key words to focus on from Kyrie’s quote are “contractually” and “financially.” You know, the first two words that came out of his mouth. What happens when you take those away? You get all of these dummies trying to do whatever they can to secure a headline. DJ Bean couldn’t have put it any better in his tweet when he said this is completely irresponsible.

The people who wrote these headlines are probably the same butthurt New York Knicks fans that have been crying in their mom’s basements since the team’s last Finals appearance in 1999. Your franchise hasn’t been a legit threat to anyone since I was two years old. Why would a top 5 point guard even consider going to that absolute dumpster fire of an organization? Outside of Porzingas (who might not even play next season), the Knicks have no future whatsoever. Oh, and their owner is a complete jack-ass. Doesn’t that ring a bell (Dan Gilbert)? I don’t care if Kyrie grew up a fan of the team, it just doesn’t add up. There is no way in HELL that he leaves what he has in Boston right now to go there. I’d bet everything I own on it.

With that said, is it possible that Kyrie does leave for somewhere else next Summer? Absolutely. We knew that risk when we made the trade last Summer. But based on the way he talks about the guys around him right now, I have a hard time seeing him give all of this up. This team is what he wanted. It’s the reason he forced his way out of Cleveland. I think Kyrie is going to be here for the long haul.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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