National League Wild Card Game Prediction

If you missed last nights one game Wild Card match up between the Yankees and the Twins, then you missed a hell of a game. The good thing is that you get the opportunity to watch two other teams go at it tonight, with the ALDS on the line. The Rockies and Diamondbacks are two interesting teams that could surprise the the Dodgers in the next round. What makes this game great is that both teams have played each other a lot during the regular season. They are NL West foes that do not have many secrets to hide.

Both teams will be putting their aces on the mound  tonight. Colorado’s Jon Gray and Arizona’s Zack Greinke. Arizona has won 11 out of their 19 meetings this season with Colorado, and have won nine of the last 13 head-to-head match ups. Arizona as has outscored the Rockies by 32 runs in the regular season. 

Gray (10-4, 3.67 ER) beat the Diamondbacks twice out of three starts this season, with both wins at Chase Field. Gray struck out a season-high 10 batters in each win against Arizona. On the year Gray is 2-2 with a 4.75 ERA in five career starts versus the Diamondbacks. Greinke (17-7, 3.20 ERA) has also beat the Diamondbacks twice this season in three starts, with both of his wins coming at Chase Field. 

Tonight we shall see a pitching duel between two rugged pitchers. Both teams know what is coming from both pitchers, but Gray/Greinke are both electric. Gray has gone to Chase Field and struck out 10 batters twice. That is good sign for the Rockies, and they have to be feeling confident. However, the Diamondbacks have their ace going and have one of the best home records in baseball.

My prediction for tonight is Rockies over the Diamondbacks by a score of 3-1. I really enjoy the chemistry that the Rockies have on the field. Charlie Blackmon and Nolan Arenado are two star players that will not let this team lose without a fight.  The Rockies have score the third most runs in the National league (824) and have the second highest batting average (.273). Combine that with a pitcher who has gone onto Chase Field and won two ball games, you have your self a tough team to beat. 

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)

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