My Top Five Football Movies of All Time

With football season right around the corner I always find myself reminiscing with my all time favorite football movies. It is impossible to pick just five, but I will give you my current top 5 football movies of all time. 

Number 5: Remember the Titans:

When I think of  Remember the Titans I think of an all time classic football movie in which my high school varsity football team would watch on our drive to away games. It is a thrilling movie not just about football but that touches upon today’s struggle in equality. It is an insanely inspirational movie not only about football but about enforcing change into all aspects of life. The ideology behind the plot of this movie is timeless just as the game of football, and all its thrills are. 

Number 4: The WaterBoy:

Another great football movie, in the number four spot of my top 5 all time football movies, is the classic comedy, WaterBoy. This is a hysterical classic with iconic characters like Bobby Boucher played by Adam Sandler. It is a great family movie that touches upon the game of football as well as the notion that no matter what people perceive you to be, greatness can be found everywhere in everyone.  

Number 3: Longest Yard:

The Longest Yard is another movie to note as a classic. It is about a disgraced NFL player who creates a team of inmates to play against a team of prison guards. This movie, with all its twists and turns, is at its root about defying odds. The inmates play against the prison guards who try to rig the game against them in order to win. In order to be triumphant in the quest for victory, Sandler’s team of inmates must work together and support one another in a way that they were not accustomed to doing before.  

Number 2: The Replacements:

Another one of my current favorites is the movie The Replacements. The Replacements is a key movie in giving the lesson to go with the flow and work as a team to defy odds. With one week to prepare because of a strike, a team of replacement players must get it together and carry the name of their football team into the playoffs. They must epitomize what it means to be a team player and trust in each other in order to make a name for themselves and represent during a time when everyone needs a little hope. 

Number 1: Friday Night Lights:

Friday Night lights is a classic movie about a football team in Texas. It is not often you see a town support their team as much as this community does. Retail stores close early in order to make it to the football games. It is beautiful to see such support, but this town takes it too far. When the star player of the team is injured, a new head coach comes in to reinvigorate the team and by proxy the town. Along the way he proceeds to instill the true way to play the game, with dignity, sophistication, and honor. It is a great reminder for everyone to reevaluate and remember the important things in life and not just get caught up in the glam and glory of it all. 

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