My Top 10 Fantasy Running Backs for 2018

This list is quite difficult for me this year because there’s no clear cut #1 RB in the league.  Some people say Gurley, others say Bell.  Well I’m going to do a PPR list of my top 10, and a non-PPR list.  For those of you that don’t know PPR is points per reception.  So on the PPR list, running backs that can catch the ball well out of the backfield are going to be higher.


My Top 10 (Non-PPR)

1. Todd Gurley

Gurley gets the nod here as the #1 guy, solely because the Rams offense legitimately runs through him.  He’s the guy they’re trying to get the ball 90% of the time.  Gurley is ahead of Bell solely for that reason, because the Steelers also have the best Wide Receiver in the NFL on their team in Antonio Brown.

2. Le’veon Bell

As I mentioned before, Bell only gets the #2 spot here because of Antonio Browns presence in the Steelers offense.  I just think that Gurley has a higher potential to get the ball on every play than Bell does.  But that being said, Bell has been a clear cut stud in fantasy for as long as he’s been in the league.  If you do take him at 1 then I have no problem with that.

3. Ezekiel Elliot

Elliot is another guy where the offense runs through him.  I know people will say that Dak is their guy and he’s a stud, but the reality of the Cowboys offense is that Elliot is the guy and without him Dak isn’t really that good.  Elliot should be the 3rd RB off everyone’s board.

4. David Johnson

David Johnson’s injury last year hurt a lot of peoples fantasy seasons.  A year ending injury in the first week?  That’s just devastating.  But let us remember that Johnson was the clear cut #1 off the board last year and he should not be overlooked.  Being healthy with a new QB in the system, Johnson will reclaim his status as a workhorse and get you plenty of points.

5. Melvin Gordon

I feel like Gordon is overlooked in fantasy way too much.  This guy is a beast with the ball and with Hunter Henry out for the year, he will become the go to guy in the red zone.  I’m taking Gordon as my 5th RB off the board this year.

6. Saquon Barkley

Barkley’s injury shouldn’t sway you too much, but I understand if it does.  He is missing some valuable time with the team but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s an absolute freak of nature.  His athletic ability makes some of the top guys in the league look like high school players.

7. Alvin Kamara

Kamara is a stud and you shouldn’t forget that he won all pro offensive rookie of the year last year.  When Mark Ingram comes back from his suspension he will be a little less relevant, but not by much.  I think in the weeks that Ingram is out Kamara leads the NFL in fantasy points.

8. Kareem Hunt

Hunt’s opening night against the Patriots was an eye opener for everyone.  Then he proceeded to take the NFL by storm as a top running back.  With Mahomes under center, Hunt will be the go to guy in most situations so expect a lot of points there.

9. Leonard Fournette

Fournette had some injury scare at the end of the season last year but I wouldn’t let that sway you from drafting him.  Honestly I could probably have him higher on the list but there are so many good running backs that he fell to number 9.

10. Jordan Howard

Howard is going to surprise a lot of people this year.  With second year QB Mitchell Trubisky under center, I think the Bears in general are going to surprise a lot of people.  Look for him in the top 10 throughout the year.


Top 10 PPR Running Backs

  1. Le’veon Bell

  2. Todd Gurley

  3. Ezekiel Elliot

  4. Alvin Kamara

  5. Melvin Gordon

  6. David Johnson

  7. Kareem Hunt

  8. Saquon Barkley

  9. Leonard Fournette

  10. Dalvin Cook


~ Jon Tetreault ( @JonTetreault13)

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