My Rant About The Warriors

Way to ruin the NBA Kevin Durant. I understand why Durant signed with the Warriors, but what a weak move on his part. Signing with the team that beat you while your own team was up 3-1 in the series. That would be like if Steph Curry was a free agent, and he signed with the Cavs after blowing last year’s Finals…. I mean did Durant have to join a super team of three All-Star players? I honestly think he had enough to get the job done on the Thunder. Obviously he did not have a Klay Thompson or a Draymond Green in Oklahoma, but he had a player of Curry caliber.

I hate to admit it, but LeBron did not start the “Big Three Movement”… The Celtics kind of did. When the Celtics assembled Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and And Garnett onto one team, everyone knew that they were going to win it all. Shortly after that, LeBron knew he would have to join forces with his best but Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh tagged along. Then LeBron decided to go back home where he had a young Irving and would eventually get Love. So yes LeBron has been on a Big Three team since he originally left Cleveland.

The really question is, could Durant have won a championship if he stayed on the Thunder or if he went to any other team besides the Cavaliers or Warriors? Like I already said, on the Thunder he was SO close to reaching the Finals for his second time. The team had enough to get it done, but the role players were just not there. If Durant went to the Celtics, he would have had a really good chance at getting to the Finals. Durant, IT, and Horford would have been fun to watch. AND Durant would have gotten the chance to play with the Celtics number one draft pick next season. Durant would have been the face of the city and would have had it all. Almost any other team would have been fine to go to, but he had to choose the Warriors.

At the end of the day though, Durant is going to win a championship and that is all that matter in his life. PLUS he is on the right path to winning consecutive championships if he decides to stay with the Warriors. However, Durant is still the second best player in the world behind LeBron. Yes I saw LeBron give up that pass to Kyle Korver last night, and I do not care. That is Korver’s spot, and he is an above average shooter from the corner. MJ dished out a memorable shot to Steve Kerr back in the day, so you just have to trust your teammates. Like LeBron said last night, this Golden State team is a juggernaut.

Written By: Connor Strayer (@Big_C19)  

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