My Initial MLB The Show 21 Reaction

It has been 16 years since I played a baseball video game.  MLB 2K5 was the last one and I was a dominate force with Randy Johnson and the Yankees.  But last night I downloaded MLB The Show 21 for the Xbox and tonight I played my first game and I was immediately hooked!

After being exclusive to PlayStation for forever, it officially came to Xbox and was received with open arms by the community.  Like I said, the last Xbox MLB game I played was 2K5, and the last one for the Xbox was 2K13.  So the demand was clear.

My initial reaction is that this game is refreshing and much needed.  We all saw the Call of Duty event today and that left fans, including myself, with a weird taste.  I am not the biggest fan of Cold War, so Warzone and Rocket League are my main forms on gaming entertainment.  But MLB The Show is a stud!

I love the graphics, the gameplay, and just the overall experience.  This shows why MLB The Show is always rated highly among players.  The mechanics are new (obviously) to me and most Xbox players but definitely something easy to adapt to.  I just played a few games of MyCareer or in the game it’s called like “Road to the Show,” and then a quick Yankees-Dodgers matchup.  And like I said, I really enjoyed the gameplay and the mechanics.  The only complaint I have so far is the fielding.  I think they made that a little harder than it should be but they make up for it in pitching and hitting.

Overall the game is a great experience and I recommend it to anyone looking for a new, fresh sports game!

-John (uncle_mac4)

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