My Gripe With The College Football Playoff Committee

The second edition of this year’s college football playoff rankings are out and boy do I have some ether to send out into the world.

First off, the only thing the committee is consistent on is being inconsistent. Granted any move they make they make will be met with scrutiny but still there is absolutely no set criteria for these rankings.

Last week, Penn State was the fourth best team in the country in the minds of the committee. They then lost on the road by 5 points to an undefeated Minnesota side. The Nittany Lions were going to drop, no doubt about that. But to 9?! That’s insane.

There is no way Penn State’s resume – that includes wins against Michigan and at Iowa – is worse than Utah, Oregon and Georgia. What the hell has Utah done? Seriously I have no idea what they have done that is so impressive other than beating up on the scrubs of the Pac-12.

And Georgia at No.4….are we still on planet earth? Are we talking about the same team that lost at home t South Carolina? For my sanity we can’t be talking about the same team.

So what the committee is saying from these rankings is that they will egregiously drop you in the rankings for the sole fact of a loss. Secondly, these rankings tell me it is better to lose to South Carolina at home than an undefeated team on the road.

Just to make this not a Penn State thing, I would be so upset if I were Minnesota.

The Gophers are 9-0 and have a win against a top-four team. Not only do they not have a loss, they have a better win than Georgia.

I feel like the committee is either high or in collusion with the SEC for these rankings to make sense. Seriously, what are we doing here?

Somehow 3 SEC teams are going to make it in and the world should burn if it does.

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