My Boston Marathon Training Blog Chapter 2: I Want to Saw Off My Feet

Look, before anybody jumps on me. I thought that I’d be doing these every week but then I realized that not enough is going on during my Boston Marathon training to write. BUT, right now, I have plenty.

Like I said in my first blog, I decided to run the Boston Marathon this year because first of all, every single year I get pissed at myself for not doing it. I want to do it once, just once. So I got off my ass this fall and got into the game. And second of all, I’m doing this because I was told I can’t, and boy do I hate being told I can’t do something.

The first update I’m going to drop is this. I remember when I first actually had the opportunity to register for a team and wasn’t in limbo anymore, wondering if I was going to have the chance to run the race. By the time I decided I for sure wanted to do this, most of the teams were filled. And by the way, let’s use the term “race” loosely because there is not a single person I want to or plan on beating here–except for everyone. I’m just trying to finish this race, challenge myself and cross off a bucket list item.

So when I first became officially registered, I was given all of the information including my coaches name which I didn’t even know we were getting one. His name’s John and he is the coach/helps out the runners for a bunch of different charity teams. He’s the man and gets that most of us aren’t really “runners”.

Well, I remember reading his first newsletter and there, he mentioned injuries. Right there I was like, “How the hell do you get injured while training to run?”. Pal, do I got some news for you. Sure, I’ve gotten hurt playing sports a bunch. Baseball, football, basketball, whatever it was, I found a way to hurt myself. But running? What am I? Some kind of stupid?

I’ve never been in more consistent pain in my life and did not realize the constant upkeep you have to do as a runner.

Once I get one part of my foot to feel better, another part hurts. This cycle just won’t break so it’s constant ice, rolling, the desire to drink and die. You name it, I got it. It’s mostly been my flat ass feet that have been the problem. They’re awful. The team physical therapist basically laughed in my face when he saw me walk barefoot.

Right now, my Achilles is on fire and swollen. Why? I don’t know. But like I just said, I went to the physical therapist for the outside of my foot which is now fixed so I don’t really want to go back yet. We’ll see if my Communications degree can fix it.

So now, let’s talk fundraising. As of right now, I’m up to $3,516 out of the $10,000 I need to raise which is pretty good. I’ve got some things in the works to help raise the money so I’m not too concerned about any of that yet.

In March, I’m going to be doing March Madness brackets which I think is going to bring in a good chunk towards my goal. I’m not exactly sure on the details yet of things like, how much each bracket will cost–I’m thinking $20–and how much the winners will get. But, I will, so if you’re interested in joining, let me know.

And then, mark your calendars baby, because, on April 12th, my uncle who is also running the Marathon and myself are hosting a fundraising event at Loretta’s Last Call on Landsdowne Street outside of Fenway Park in Boston. We’re going to have a ton there. Raffles, a couple of live bands, obviously alcohol. Everything. Make sure you’re there because we’ll be raising money for some great causes–Mass. Eye and Ear Hospital and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center–and it’s going to basically be a little kickoff party for the race for us.

Alright, I’m going to ice everything and try to heal up. I got 18 miles done on Saturday and felt like I was going to die so. Let’s do 20 miles in a couple of weeks and see how that goes.

If you want to donate and help me towards my goal of $10,000 for Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital, click this link and donate here! Thank you to all who have supported so far and let’s keep this going!

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