Monday Night Football Showdown!

Allow me to quickly catch my breath as this Monday Night Football showdown was insane!

It’s been a hot minute since the end of the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns. Honestly speaking, this game was just incredible and it had a lot to talk about. I mean, it even game someone the runs during the game, even if denying allegations!

Listen, I am a big Lamar Jackson fan. Hell, I even took him as my second pick during the Fantasy Football league draft for the Couch Guy Sports league. I have taken crap about that move (no-pun intended) but the dude has been delivering when I’ve needed him the most. However, this incident last night is another story. Even if you say you didn’t “pull a Paul Pierce” I think you did and at the best timing too against a team with members who have fecal fantasies. Ok sorry, cheap shot!

Anyways, moving onto the full content of this Monday night thriller though. Holy $#!t what a game!!!!

Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens

As a Pats fan, I’ve been following this season very closely as we head towards a nearing end of season and early thoughts of free agency start to pour in. I got to be honest, what the Browns and Ravens did on this Monday Night Football game though, is by far the best game of the season!

Cleveland Browns’ QB, Baker Mayfield, went absolutely off last night shutting down all sorts of haters who lack to see his talent. The dude went absolutely nuts and made that Browns offense look like the best offense in the AFC. Many could and would argue that they are or aren’t, but Baker last night put on quite a show followed by 343 passing yards, 23 rushing yards, 1 rushing TD and  2 TD passes.

Another huge help for the Browns last night was the stellar performance by no other than RB Nick Chubb. I am also a big fan of Nick Chubb and thank goodness I drafted him in another fantasy league otherwise, It’d be end of story for me after a massive comeback having gone 0-5 to now be in the Semi-final and having knocked out the leader of that league who had a 11-2 record! Anyway, Nick Chubb again was just incredible! 17 rushing attempts, 82 rushing yards, 2 TD’s and targeted twice for 21 receiving yards.

However, these amazing performances were simply not enough as Lamar and company had other plans besides dropping some potatoes in the crock pot. (Sorry, not sorry!)

Lamar was impressive and while the passing game wasn’t his primary choice, the running game was a complete and different storyline. Lamar rushed for 124 yards and 2 TD’s while passing for 163 yards and 1 TD. The one touchdown that Lamar passed was quite dramatic though given the scramble, then finally connecting with Marquise Brown.

Justin Tucker for the Ravens was also huge! He drilled a 55-yard field goal to get the Ravens the W and he was feeling it after the game!

Onto Week 15!

After this amazing thriller, the road for these two teams continues to paint an exciting one as the Browns face the Giants on Sunday night and the Ravens meet the Jags Sunday 1PM.

I am actually excited to see the Browns in the playoff picture though as it has been quite sometime! The Browns have everything in their favor to pull out a victory against the Giants. While I have massive respect for Daniel Jones and company, I think that the Baker Mayfield we have seen this past Monday night may ride into Sunday evening and could be lights out again. You also have to factor the strong running game that the Browns have in Hunt and Chubb, that in itself is a lot to handle.

For the Ravens, they will meet a vulnerable Jaguars team with only 1 win this whole season. I wouldn’t put it passed the Ravens offense to have another massive performance.

Expect for people like Mark Andrews, Lamar himself, Gus Edwards and JK Dobbins to light up the board if they play anything like they did against this Browns team.

In Conclusion…

As I said at the beginning, this was honestly a phenomenal showdown! We expected a heck of a game but this was delivered to a whole new level and it will probably be a game that many will talk about for days to come.

Last night we saw the incredible talent there is between these two teams. While the game was a late-night one, you know it was worthwhile if you stayed up watching.

For those of you that didn’t, you probably woke up to your social media in a frenzy over this game. As the Baltimore Ravens put it, this was “The Game of The Year”

What a way to finish this week. For those of you taking on fantasy leagues this year, week 14 was an absolute thriller if you had members of either teams.

-Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter)

Diego Galvis

Born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Boston, MA. Boston-Based DJ VP of Operations at Couch Guy Sports.

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