Mock drafts everywhere have Jack Leiter going #4 overall to the Red Sox

The MLB draft is set to take place on July 11th, 2021. For those keeping track at home, that’s about three weeks away. As other blogs on the website have mentioned, the Boston Red Sox own the fourth overall pick. The debate for awhile has been about who the Red Sox should consider taking: Kumar Rocker or Jack Leiter?

Based on all of the mock drafts that I’ve seen from mlb.com, Prospects Live, CBS Sports, and others; the Red Sox are landing Vanderbilt right handed pitcher Jack Leiter. This is exceptionally good to hear for a number of reasons.

His Four Pitch Repertoire

Jack Leiter has four pitches that Sox fans will love to see. His fastball sits between 92-95 mph with the chance to get up to 98. The slider is hard and has a lot of late break to it, which partners greatly with his fastball. The curveball has gotten better as his season at Vanderbilt has progressed on. His changeup shows a lot of upside, sitting at mid to upper 80’s. Having four pitches that you can use at almost any time is a huge advantage at the MLB level. Jack Leiter will continue to show the Red Sox he is a star in the making with his four pitch repertoire.

Jack Leiter WANTS to Come to the Red Sox

We’ve heard this tidbit before. Leiter actually WANTS to slide down to the Red Sox at 4. The Pirates are a joke. Texas has their eye on one of the high school shortstops and the Tigers might go in a similar direction. That leaves the Red Sox at four. The Red Sox are good this year with a solid manager in Alex Cora. I don’t blame Jack Leiter for wanting to come here.

In Conclusion

Believe me, I know mock drafts can be way off. We’ve seen it all the time in other sports. But for some reason, my gut is telling me to believe this could really happen. Jack Leiter in a Red Sox uniform. I love the sound of that!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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