MLB Ump Ron Kulpa Threw A Huge Temper Tantrum And Is Exactly What We Don’t Want In Baseball

If it’s one thing that bugs me more than anything, it’s MLB umpires who make it seem like they believe that they’re part of the entertainment of the game. It’s the worst. Literally, the worst. And Ron Kulpa put on a SHOW last night for Rangers and Astros fans. Here’s a breakdown of the entire situation and this video breaks it down perfectly.

What a ridiculous way to go about the situation by the umpire here. Kulpa threw a temper tantrum of a lifetime because the Astros bench didn’t agree with his calls. Are we new here or what, Kulpa? Is this the first time you’ve ever had someone challenge a strike call you’ve made? Are you too thin skinned for this? Or is it none of that? Do you actually think the fans are there to see you?

Just like the video illustrates, AJ Hinch–who’s one of my favorite managers in the game–was just sticking up for his guys and for good reason. There’s no justifiable reason for Kulpa to be looking into the dugout after the first altercation. None. AJ Hinch told him that he’s got control of his guys and that’s that. Kulpa was just looking for a fight for God knows what reason. Relax, guy, and just call the game. That’s what you’re there for. Maybe I’d get it if the dugout was losing their minds over every ball and strike call, but even so, this was a ridiculous way to go about the situation.

I’ve never seen an umpire approach a dugout before and not know who he was throwing out either. He was literally pointing at someone and asking who he was. Again, are you that thin skinned? Believe me. I played my fair share of Little League baseball and one time I watched the parents throw beer on my coach. It can be scary out there. It’s a war zone. But you can’t handle a little criticism?

Umpires that think they’re part of the entertainment of the game need to be canned yesterday. Between guys like Ron Kulpa and Angel Hernandez–who is the worst of the worst–something needs to be done because they stink on ice.

Kulpa’s phrase at the end is what puts baseball fans over the edge. “I can do whatever I want”. That’s exactly the problem. Some of these guys have this mindset and it makes things unbearable. Call the game and use better judgment than that, Kulpa. Yeesh.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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