MLB TEAMS ARE PRACTICING! Does that mean baseball?

On Monday May 25th, the Tampa Bay Rays held their first practice since the shut down. March 12th was the last time any MLB team had a workout as a team. According to ESPN ,14 players attended the practice. The players were able to play catch, weight lift on the field, and do some conditioning. Everyone at the facility was wearing a mask but players were able to take them off on the field.

Other Teams Opening Up

The Angles and Astros are opening up both their home stadiums and spring training facilities. They both will allow the players on the 40 man roster to work out and train at the facility while being safe. Also, the Dodgers have had their home stadium and spring training facility open for treatment for players.

What Does This Mean For A Return?

There was a phone between MLB owners on Tuesday 5/26. This was to vote on a new financial package to offer the players. After that call the two sides, players and owners, got talking about a new deal.

Just because teams are starting to work out that does not mean baseball is right around the corner. There is still a lot of work to do. How will players be tested or checked? What would happen if someone tested positive? And the biggest question is still about money.

This is a good sign though. Players need time to get back into shape for the season. Some players do not have weights at their homes, so have not been able to do a lot to get ready for a season. Also pitchers need to get their arms to the right spot to be able to pitch a season.

So I think there is progress being made. But we need to hear how the meeting went to know if we are any closer to getting baseball back in 2020. Keep checking in here for updates on the baseball season.

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