MLB Recap: Amir Garrett Fighter Or Gamer?

As I have stated in my last few articles, there is not much news to report on. But here come MLB The Show to provide some entertainment. In other news the Korean Baseball Organization is trying to restart the season as soon as April 21st. Lastly some sad breaking news today, April 6th, Hall Of Famer Al Kaline passed away.

Players compete in MLB The Show tournament – Full Sports

MLB The Show Players Tournament

On Friday March 28th, MLB The Show hosted a players tournament where 4 Major League players participated. The players were Amir Garrett a Reds left handed reliever, Hunter Pence a Rangers outfielder, Blake Snell a Rays left handed starter, and Trevor May a Twins right handed reliever. Snell and May were dubbed as the no doubt championship match, but Garrett had other plans. Amir Garrett is now famous for trying to fight the whole Pirates team.

Garrett upset May in the first semifinal match 2-1. Garrett hit back to back homers with Mike Trout and Christian Yelich to get his 2 runs and did not look back. Snell took care of business against Pence 8-1 in the other semifinal. Snell using Freddy Freemen hit 2 homeruns to create most of the runs. The championship game was filled with drama. Garrett came out on top 2-1 hitting a solo homer with Nolan Arenado to take the lead in the 4th.

I really like this because it shows the personalities of different players around the league. Some people may not like Amir Garrett after he was in a fight. But, this shows he is a really relatable guy and can have some fun. I can see this going on every year with more and more players starting to play The Show.

VIDEO: Brawl breaks out after Reds pitcher charges at Pirates ...

Korean Baseball Starting Back Up

According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, the Korean Baseball Organization is attempting to start back up on April 21st. Korea has seen a flatting of the curve of cases of the coronavirus. There are people outside interacting day to day. Teams have done some practicing throughout the outbreak. Korea has done a lot to help the flatting of their curve and could be used to help the US get back on its feet. This could be a great thing for sports fans. Yes many Americans will not be able to watch Korean baseball because of the time difference, but it could be a bright sign. To see sports slowly get back would be a good sign for everyone. Hopefully it is signs for what is to come, a brighter day.

Al Kaline Tiger’s Legend Passes Away At 85

Hall Of Famer and Tiger’s Legend Al Kaline passed away Monday April 6th. According to the Detroit Free Press the cause is yet available. After reading that article in the Free Press I can see that Kaline was beloved by all of Detroit. His stats are second to only the great Ty Cobb, but Cobb was hated for his personality where Kaline was loved. Kaline could do it all was a 10 time Gold Glove winner and hit over .300 many times. This is a sad time for a lot of people and seeing legends pass is never fun. But it gives fans like myself a time to really take a deep dive into someone’s career you might not be too familiar with. RIP to a legend.

Wrap Up

Amir Garrett can now be consider a gamer and a fighter after winning the first ever MLB The Show Players Tournament. Korea is hoping to have baseball back very soon. Lastly a baseball Hall Of Famer Al Kaline passed today. I am hoping to see more players play both MLB The Show and real baseball soon.

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