MLB: 3 Possible Names If The A’s Move To Vegas

Last week, the Oakland Athletics ownership struck a deal with the City of Las Vegas, to acquire land near the famous Vegas Strip to build a new stadium. The stadium plans include a retractable roof and is set to cost $1.5 billion to build. While there’s still a couple hoops to jump through, including the seal of approval from MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. All signs point to the A’s leaving the Bay Area for “Sin City”.

The Athletics were one of the first eight teams to be a part of the MLB in its infancy. After calling Philadelphia and Kansas City home for the first 66 years of their tenure. Oakland and the Coliseum itself, have been home to the A’s since 1968.

A while back I wrote an article naming a few solid relocation spots for the A’s. Vegas not being one of them. But with the move just about inevitable, many people are curious if the team will keep their name. Or will they change it to something that fits Vegas more? Below I will give my 3 top options (besides the A’s), for the team to be called when they move.

1.Las Vegas Gamblers

This name would be perfect. Vegas is home to 60 major casinos, 30 of them on the strip itself. The name itself would sell merchandise. There are plenty of people in Vegas that make their whole personality around gambling, there’s no doubt they would support this team just to further that notion.

Their logo could even be a likeness of Country Music Hall of Famer Kenny Rogers. With “The Gambler” being arguably his most famous song. They could use the song during the 7th inning stretch, like the Red Sox use Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”.

2. Las Vegas Choppers

There are a couple different meanings for this team name. You might think of Motorcycles, or Ferocious Dogs when you see this name. But I mean it pertaining to Helicopters.

The A’s Triple-A Affiliate already resides in Vegas, and they are called the Aviators. So it kind of makes sense, if they are moving next door, might as well make the names similar. Not to mention, it’s a cool and  intimidating name, although they might not be an intimidating team (yet).

3. Las Vegas Miners

An ode to their new home state, Nevada, which is known as the Silver State. For its prominent silver (and gold) mines. Gives them a (hopefully) good start with Nevadans that may be skeptical of the move. Paying homage to the state the people love. Maybe they wouldn’t care, but I’m hopeful if they choose this name.



My favorite out of all three is the Choppers. Mostly because of the originality, and the awesome things they could do with the logo. But all 3 are much better options than sticking with the name they are leaving Oakland with.


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