Mike Leach Continues To Be A National Treasure

Lord, please let Mike Leach have a platform to speak forever.


All of us

The Washington State head coach, Mike Leach, aka The Pirate, has the greatest press conferences known to man. The most unfiltered man in college football will talk about anything the press asks him, and at great length too.

Does coach Leach believe in ghosts? You bet your ass he does, but they don’t “do nearly as much haunting as people think”.

This week was no different, as media members feed in as well. So coach Leach, who would win in a battle between Pac 12 mascots;

Absolutely fantastic.

Leach taught a class at Wazzu last semester about War tactics and insurgency using principle of football.

Leach isn’t just good for a sound bute. He’s one of the most underrated coaches in college. He’s on the leading architects of the air-raid system that is sweeping all levels of football. He has two quarterbacks starting this weekend in the NFL. But most of all, Leach has been successful at places where others couldn’t be.

Thank goodness he’s a good coach because I don’t want to imagine life without a good ‘ol Mike Leach press conference any time soon.

-Dillon Leary


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