Michelle Beadle Went OFF Today On ESPN’s “Get Up” On The Way Some Men Are Being Taught To Treat Women In Wake Of The Redskins’ Cheerleader Scandal

First of all let me say that this new show on ESPN, Get Up, has been doing absolutely nothing in the ratings book and has actually hurt First Take’s ratings. That literally has nothing to do with this blog, but I just felt like throwing that in here because I just read the ratings and it’s fresh on my mind.

But reacting to this video, I’m 100% with Michelle Beadle here. Now if you haven’t heard of the scandal that the New York Times broke, you can read the article here.

To sum it up quick, some of the Redskins’ cheerleaders felt uncomfortable and objectified on a trip the team took them on for a photoshoot. And I know that sounds ironic that cheerleaders were objectified… But just some of the details of this story are interesting.

And of course you always have to be wary of the truth in these types of situations, but if the cheerleaders were essentially forced to pose topless for a photoshoot and the team then invited outside people to watch, then yeah, that’s crossing the line. Again, if you want the details of the story, check out the link to the actual article above.

Michelle Beadle going off on that show might be what the show needed. She was showing actual emotion rather than the fake, dull stuff that you usually get on the largest sports media network in the world.

Form your own opinions, but if what the details that are laid out are proven to be true, well then we are going to be watching the Skins clean up a massive mess down in Washington.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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