Miami Dolphins O-Line Coach, Chris Foerster, Seen Snorting Some Sweet, Sweet Powder In Released Video

You wake up in the morning and you have one of two routines. Grab some coffee, or snort some lines. And Chris Foerster loves to start the day off right with three lines of coke and sending a sexy video to his lady friend.

I mean guys, it’s 2017 already. Is chivalry dead? Not in the eyes of Chris it isn’t. He tells her exactly where he wants to do that coke and on what part of her body. The man is the definition of a gentleman.

But no really, it’s 2017. If you are in the spotlight for any reason and have any sort of high end job, especially in the NFL, don’t be sending out any incriminating videos of yourself. Why, why, why, why, why would you do that? I’m still shocked when celebrity nudes are leaked. Like, come on guys. You know there’s a nerd out there who hasn’t had the ding dong touched in quite some time with the extensive knowledge on how to hack your iCloud. And there is nothing stopping that guy in the basement to get in there and release those photos to the world. Just please no more Hope Solo ones. Please.

But according to the “Kirk & Callahan” Twitter account from WEEI 93.7FM, this is the fine young lady, also a stripper, who released the video who I’d assume Foerster was sending it originally to.

Stripper Kirk and Callahan

*Insert eyes emoji*.

This woman just crushed this man. Now I will say, I’m not sure if she released the video, but I’m just assuming she did. I don’t think a hacker is trying to bring down the last place, Miami Dolphins O-Line coach.

There’s a big time moral here. Cut the crap and stop sending out dumb videos. They will be released you schlub.

The Dolphins say they are aware and have no comment at the time.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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