Is Adam McQuaid About to Make a Return to the Bruins?

The Boston Bruins are just a few weeks away from training camp and with some holes to fill in their blue line they could be looking to add a veteran on the back end.

Right now the Bruins still need to sign their top two RFA’s McAvoy and Carlo but in order to do that they need to shed some salary. Hopefully they can find a way to ship out some excess contracts like Moore and possibly Miller. If they shipped both those guys off they could be looking to add another big presence on the back end and who better than former Bruin Adam McQuaid.

McQuaid spent nine seasons in Boston before being shipped to the Rangers in a trade. McQuaid was a big physical presence for the Bruins and handled the third pairing role quite well in his time in Boston. He was never a point scorer but he kept opposing forwards on their toes and made them nervous to get into the gritty areas of the ice. The reason McQuaid could be returning to the Bruins is because he was spotted at the Bruins Captain’s practice this morning and participated in the skate with most of the Bruins. McQuaid spent last season with the Rangers and Blue Jackets but spent much of the season injured and participated in only 50 games.

Ideally the Bruins focus shouldn’t be on signing outside defenseman and should be worried about cleaning out their salary cap issues rather than signing another player. But if they do move out Moore and Miller it wouldn’t be terrible to have McQuaid as the seventh defenseman. The only way this deal would make sense is if it was a one year veteran minimum deal for McQuaid.

Just because McQuaid skated with the Bruins it does not mean a return is imminent it just means the door is open and McQuaid could be showcasing that he is healthy in case other teams have interest in him. With training camp drawing closer and closer the Bruins still have a lot to figure out and McQuaid could be a piece of their team but only if the price is right.


-Tyler Smith (@TylerSmith4386)

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