Marshawn Lynch Spends His Week Suspension Decimating Kids At His Old High School

Just keep workin it will happen no matter what!!!!Yes lawd!!!!

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Marshawn Lynch made his return Oakland Technical High School during his suspension week and tore it up against these high school dweebs.

IMAGINE being a kid in high school and having to try and take down Marshawn Lynch? The guy who single-handedly has broken millions of tackles on a single run and flattens professional football players like a truck taking down who doesn’t look both ways or use a crosswalk?

If I showed up to practice that day, threw on my pads and convinced myself that I was going to actually enjoy the time out on the field that day, and in comes “Beast Mode”, I’m out.

No. Way.

Have you ever been hit before and that bright, white light just flashes for a split second when your eyes are closed? Because that’s what I imagine happens when you get lit up by Lynch.

Lynch is the KING of not giving an eff. He’s a stone cold stud. He’ll go into the stands and hang out with the little people all day after getting booted from a game. Because why not. But God damn, it’s one thing to chill with the guy and take in skittles by the gallon. It’s another to try and tackle a guy who 290 pound men have a tough time taking down.

I’m hyped he’s back in the league though. Lynch is nonstop entertainment. I’m actually SHOCKED that a kid made a tackle on him. I’m all in on the Lynch train, baby.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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