Market Price for Mookie…Decreasing?

Ever since the news came out a few months back that all players scheduled to hit the open market at the end of the season, still will, Red Sox Nation has been going crazy to have Mookie re-sign with the Sox. Rightfully so! Pay Mookie what he wants and let this wagon of a team get the wheels back on and start to roll again.

What Is His Market

Mookie was looking for, and probably would have got, a 12-year deal north of $400 million. It seems that market value may have very much changed. Whether baseball resumes this year or not, the owners are losing a ton of money. Any team that is still willing to dish out $400 million to a single player is out of their minds, even for a player of Mookie Betts’ category. Don’t forget the Red Sox last attempt to re-sign Mookie came in around $300 million. It seems Mookie is the one that made the mistake of turning that down. No one could have predicted a pandemic to hit during the final year of his contract, but saying no to that money could end up being a big mistake on his part. The 400 million dollar market just simply will not be there this offseason. You might think that means more teams will be in on him, but that isn’t the case. Think of it more as those 400 million dollar teams are now the 300 million dollar teams and so on down. 

What Does This Mean For The Sox

My hatred for the Red Sox owner group is leading me to say that they will still find a way to screw this up and not bring Mookie back. The fan in me, though, is saying the Sox are sitting pretty right now! The same teams will be in on Mookie, but the years and money will both be coming down, which is EXACTLY what the Sox wanted in the first place. Mookie wanted more years, and sox didn’t want to go to 10-12 years. Also, do not forget that the money side of this was not this issue. Sox came in at ten years $300 million. Mookie wanted 12 years, $400 million. That is a difference of about 3 million per year. All the Sox need to do is swallow their pride and offer the same deal. I’d even advise them to go a little more money. This situation is shaping up perfectly for the Sox. Now all they need to do is not screw it up over a few million dollars. We all know what Mookie can do. Bringing him back paired with the prospects we got in the trade and the young guys like Xander and Raffy. The Sox will immediately become World Series favorites again.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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