Markelle Fultz Only Plans to Work Out With the Celtics

Yesterday, we saw this photo of Danny Ainge and potential number one overall pick Markelle Fultz getting their grub on. Today, we learned that Fultz only plans to workout with Ainge’s Celtics ahead of the 2017 NBA Draft. And that workout is taking place today.

I’m not really surprised by this announcement, considering the fact that Fultz is the consensus first overall pick in every mock draft I’ve seen. So let’s say the Celtics keep the pick and take Fultz. Where does Brad Stevens squeeze him in the lineup? You typically see the first overall pick in the draft in every sport start right away. But given the current situation for the Celtics at the guard position, that probably won’t be the case if all of the guys they have now are on the roster come next season.

Right now the Celtics have Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, and Terry Rozier all giving them quality and consistent minutes at the 1 & 2 guard positions. With IT, AB, and MS needing new contracts next off-season, a trade involving one of those guys doesn’t seem out of the ordinary to me. Fultz’s minutes are going to have to come from one of those guys. And if they add Gordon Hayward in free agency like everyone thinks they will, he’s going to need big minutes too. It’ll be interesting to see how Ainge shakes this roster up. I personally wouldn’t mind shipping out two of those guards and maybe getting somebody who can help on the boards. That’s one of the many spots they were dominated in by the Cavs in the ECF.

In a sit down with the Boston Herald, Danny Ainge said “We have a lot of good players, but we need some great ones.” Hearing that makes me happy, because to me it means that he’s not really attached to anyone on this team. Given all of his recent comments I have a feeling we’re in store for an eventfull offseason.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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