Markelle Fultz is Using VR Goggles to Fix His Shot

We all know that Markelle Fultz’s pro career has gotten off to a pretty rough start, but this story is absolutely ridiculous. His jumper is so broken that he needs to be placed in a virtual reality to fix it? Are you kidding me? And this is coming from the conductor of the Markelle Fultz hype train coming out of college. I was ALL IN on the Celtics drafting him and making him the next big star in the league. Who knew he’d flake out like this? I guess that’s why I’m behind my computer writing blogs and not scouting professionally somewhere.

I don’t think I can say this enough: Thank. You. Danny. Ainge. This story truly proves how much of a genius he is. Nobody knew that Fultz would get the varsity shits like this, and I’m sure Ainge didn’t predict it’d be this bad, but he saw something that he didn’t like. It takes a lot of balls to pass on the consensus first overall pick for a guy who a lot of people weren’t high on. I will forever be grateful that he did that to take Jayson Tatum, who has shown flashes of star potential in his rookie year. At this pace, he’s going to be leaps and bounds better than Fultz.

You have to feel for Markelle though. I was a big fan in college, so it kind of sucks to see him fall off like this. I’m definitely glad he’s not on my team, but it just sucks to see. His confidence has to be completely shot. But who knows, maybe he’ll figure it out. His pro career has been pretty unpredictable up to this point, so anything could happen honestly.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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