Manny Machado To The Red Sox? Not So Fast!

Next years free agency class is going to be very talented to say the least. With the likes of Bryce Harper, Adam Jones, Manny Machado, and Yasiel Puig all expected to hit the free agency market, we are bound to see some record-breaking money being thrown around next winter.

Both Harper and Machado are expected to eclipse the 300 million dollar mark if they do in fact hit the free agency market. With that being said it is obvious the challenges both the Orioles and Nationals face in trying to retain these franchise altering players, especially with Harper having Scott Boras as an agent.

Machado’s name has been thrown around a lot in trade rumors this winter for obvious reasons. The Orioles figure if you can’t resign him, trade him. The tricky part of this though is what Machado is truly worth in return with his contract expiring. It will be hard for the Orioles to get top prospects back in return, unless Machado agrees to an extension with that team prior to the deal getting done.

So why am I writing about this? How does this concern the Red Sox? Simple, the Red Sox have been rumored to have made a trade offer for Machado. Initial thought? Good! The Sox need that big bat and bringing in Machado definitely brings that. Machado reportedly wants to move back to shortstop wherever his next home will be. Even better for the Sox.

BUT, there is one condition that has to be done before I like this trade and well it is a pretty big one. Machado MUST agree to an extension with the Sox before they can finalize any deal. Unless the Orioles pull a Miami Marlins move and just give us Machado for next to nothing then I am not on board with any discussion or action to bring in the power hitting 3B/SS until he is willing to discuss the possibility of staying long term in Boston.

Now lets say that happens and he is willing to sign long-term then all for it. More than willing to send Xander in return because I am sick of waiting for his “potential”. Don’t get me wrong I love X but we need to admit that he is just average and we need more out of him in order to get back to the fall classic.

The other problem is just the flat-out beef he had with the Sox this year and frankly I don’t think that should be to much of an issue if he is a true competitor and wants to win; and if he doesn’t then even better I don’t want anymore players here that don’t have winning a world series as their main focus.

I would love to have Machado on this team and the reason i mentioned Harper is because I fully believe that Dombrowski needs and will pursue Harper once next offseason rolls around or even better if the Nationals somehow fall out of contention early and make Harper available at the trade deadline.

So in summary go get Machado IF and only IF he is willing to sign an extension, other than that save your money to make sure you can bring in Harper next offseason. Imagine this though, Harper and Machado in the same lineup? I’ll take that to counter Judge and Stanton any day and would much rather Harper and Machado over either Judge or Stanton. That might just be a pipe dream though…but so wasn’t putting Judge and Stanton in the same lineup, but that none of my business.

Written By: Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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