TV Review: Manifest

NBC’s new hit show on Monday nights “Manifest” has an interesting plot. That is, a passenger airplane flight number 828 was lost for five years, all passengers presumed dead, their relatives, loved ones and friends have all moved on with their lives. They suddenly arrive to find that it is now 2018, instead of 2013. The government undergoes its investigation on what happened, and they aren’t giving much so far. On the other hand, former NYPD detective Michaela divulges her own investigation so far into her and her plane-mates disappearance.

The show has been great so far, the mystery surrounding why the plane disappeared for 5 years is intriguing. Michaela so far has been the star of the show, she has a troubled background that has been introduced but somehow ended up being a NYPD cop. Twice, due to Michaela’s instincts and the voice in her head that shows up after the plane landed, has saved two young girls who were kidnapped and also lucked into finding the stolen necklace from a murdered woman who lost it, who was also on the plane with her.

Episode 4 will hopefully answer some questions we all have in regards to why 1) they are hearing voices 2) the plane was lost for 5 years and 3) does the government have anything to do with the missing plane.

-Nicholas Sutherland (@Sudsy8)

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