Maine Red Claws Renamed As Maine Celtics

Today, Red Claws President Dajuan Eubanks announced that Portland G-League affiliate of the Boston Celtics has changed their name to the Maine Celtics.  Eubanks, who sited the rebrand as a fresh start, said talks began in early 2020 about rebranding.  The Red Claws tipped off in 2009 and then in 2012 became the official affiliate of the Boston Celtics.  The Celtics purchased the Red Claws in 2019.

Initially when I saw this I thought it was going to be like an alternate to the Red Claws next season.  Kind of like a uniform crossover, but boy was I wrong.  After a quick Google search, I was sadden to see the Red Claws be no longer and the Crustacean Nation be silenced.  The Red Claws were a fun team.  They were cool.  They were the Crustacean Nation!  In my opinion this didn’t need to happen.  I understand that when the Celtics bought them in 2019 a rebrand was due.  But this totally ripped the fanbase apart.

These Maine Celtics mean shit to anyone.  The Red Claws, however, meant a whole history and super loyal fanbase who loved that team as their professional team.  The poor people of Portland have had to deal with now two shitty name changes.  The Seadogs died and resurrected as the fucking Whoopie Pies… and now the Red Claws lose any and all creativity and change to the Maine Celtics.

This is one of the things I hate with minor league programs.  These professional teams come in and take all the fun and creativity away from their organizations and fanbases.  I am thankful that minor league baseball still has cool names but the G-League isn’t so lucky.

I will say I don’t necessarily hate the new logo or the colors.  But why change the name?  You had great marketing and a loyal fanbase but it didn’t seem to matter at all.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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