Mackenzie Dern’s New Spot in The Strawweight Rankings Causes Uproar Among UFC Fighters and UFC Fans

UFC strawweight Mackenzie Dern has caused nothing but controversy ever since joining the UFC. She has shown nothing but a positive attitude, and has shown nothing but respect to every opponent she has faced. So why is she the center of all this controversy? Well for starters this past Friday at the UFC 224 weigh ins, Dern missed weight by a whole 7 pounds. 1 or 2 pounds is understandable, but 7 pounds seems intentional. To top the 7 pounds overweight, she won her fight at UFC 224. Dern hit Cooper with a heavy punch in the first round, which knocked Cooper down. Dern followed Cooper to the ground and sunk in a rear naked choke, which won her the fight. The punch was very heavy and it seemed like the weight advantage definitely aided the punch. Even when Cooper got back to her feet after the fight, you could see it in her eyes she was out of it. Cooper has every right to be upset after this fight, and in all likelihood she won’t be getting a rematch.

Dern sparked up even more controversy today as the new UFC strawweight rankings came out. Dern skyrocketed to number 15, which means Dern is getting a ginormous push from the UFC. The thing that is sparkin up so much controversy about Dern’s new ranking, is the fighter who’s spot she took in the top 15. Angela “Over Kill” Hill use to be ranked number 15 that was until Mackenzie Dern took her spot. Dern’s new home in the strawweight rankings has made Hill and UFC fans livid. It’s not hard to see why, if you look at both fighter’s track records. Hill has fought much better competition, most recently coming off a win against Maryna Moroz at UFC fight night Orlando. Not to mention Hill was apart of one the best strawweight fights in UFC history. When she fought current number one contender Jessica Andrade. Hill is battle tested and has earned her way into the UFC’ s strawweight top 15 rankings. Despite being a constant professional, always making weight and fighting anyone the UFC puts in front of her. The UFC has never given Hill a push. Angela Hill earned her spot in the top 15 with very little help from the UFC. Mackenzie Dern misses weight by a whole seven pounds and the UFC rewards her with a top 15 spot. This is not an attack on Dern’s character because she genuinely seems like a kind and respectful woman. Even though she isn’t the one who makes the rankings, this still puts a huge target on her back. It does make me feel bad for Angela Hill, and even a little bad for Mackenze Dern. Hopefully the UFC does what’s right and makes Mackenzie Dern earn her number 15 spot. Making a fight between Angela Hill and Mackenzie Dern, would be the right thing to do. With all the controversy going on right now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the UFC make this fight in the near future.

Stephen Caloggero (@Steveo_calo)

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