Luka Doncic Doesn’t Want to be a King

Luka Doncic, the highly touted European Basketball sensation, has revealed that he might not leave Europe to enter the 2018 NBA Draft. Some might be shocked by this, as he is projected to go at least in the top three. But not me, because I know exactly why he’s doing it.

I mean, it has to be obvious, right? After he found out that the Sacramento Kings (AKA NBA purgatory) got the second overall pick, Doncic was probably like “Yeah thanks but no thanks.” Why? Because Sacramento has ruined practically every prospect they’ve had besides DeMarcus Cousins. I wouldn’t want to go there either if I were him. And in nearly every mock I’ve seen, Doncic was projected to go at least second behind Ayton. So I really can’t see a scenario where Sacramento doesn’t pick him if he decides to keep his name in the ring.

It really shouldn’t even count as news that someone doesn’t want to play for the Kings. It’d be like if I titled this blog “BREAKING NEWS: Grass is Green.” None of you would read that, because you all know that grass is fucking green, or at least I would hope so.

But either which way, we all know what you’re doing Luka Doncic. I for one can respect the move, because who the hell wants to play for the Kings? That franchise might be a bigger dumpster fire than the Cleveland Browns. Either that or they’re on a very, very even playing field. Saying that alone is a true testament to how bad the Kings have been recently. But at least with Cleveland, they might have some hope after the moves they made this off-season. The Kings are going absolutely NOWHERE anytime soon, and I don’t think that the Donc Man is the answer to all of their problems right now. Maybe a new owner? GM? Literally everything? They have a ton of work to do over there before they’re even going to sniff a playoff spot.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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