Couch Guy Sports Podcast Episode 65 ft. Greenie of Barstool Sports

We had a WEEK of NBA news to get to. The NBA summer is by far the best offseason of any sport. Fact. And this year, the first week of NBA free agency was the definition of bananas.

We had Dan Greenburg AKA Greenie of Barstool Sports to talk about it all. He’s a master of the Celtics and we talked about these Kyrie Irving free agency questions for next summer. Is he going to dip and head to New York? And Kawhi Leonard… Any shot that he could still land in Boston? Or has that ship sailed? And of course, LeBron James going to LA. Plus the news that had the NBA world rattled… DeMarcus Cousins to Golden State. Absolutely WILD move especially after he took a million shots at Kevin Durant for snaking his way into Golden State.

After their interview with Greenie, Nick talks about his trip to Key West and how his balls were falling all over the place after ripping his bathing suit straight up the leg on a public boat.

And David Price gets ROCKED. Let’s go. Reaction to Price’s game against the Yankees.

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