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Couch Guy Sports Podcast Episode 40

Episode 40 is up and hot.

Nick is without Jared this week but brings on Couch Guy bloggers Lauren and Connor.

The three dive into one of the biggest topics of the week. The monster topic. And monster’s the right word. James Harrison, Pittsburgh Steelers legend, switches to the dark side and joins Pitt’s number one rival, the New England Patriots. The crew reacts and criticizes Steelers fans for the ways they reacted. Plus discuss how Harrison will be used and if he’ll even touch the field.

The three also talk about another controversial call in a Patriots game… the Kelvin Benjamin catch. Some of them think it was the correct call, and other think the Patriots got lucky as hell to have it reversed.

Also, they talk about the Celtics sucking wind recently and decide if we need to be worried at this point in the season.

And of course, installment number two of “Lauren’s DMs” where we read the wild DMs Lauren gets over Twitter. This week? We have a guy who REALLY wants to kiss her.

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