Couch Guy Sports Podcast Episode 28 ft. Kayce Smith of CSNNE

Great guest on this week as we were able to swing Kacey Smith of CSNNE. With Kacey we talk NFL protests, Chris Sale and the Cy Young and dad bods. Which I’ve rocked harder than anyone before that trend last year.

Then Nick and Jared jump into the Sox and go into an outrageous meltdown mode because Nick overreacts to this roller coaster of a team. And finish it off with some Patriots recapping of last week and react to a pretty wild game and discuss why the Panthers will NOT be an easy opponent. Yupp, you better believe it. And I get it, I’m switching back and forth between talking in first and third person. Sue me… But don’t. I don’t have a ton of money.

Catch Kacey Smith on CSNNE’s Boston Sports Tonight from 9PM to midnight Monday through Friday and follow her on Twitter, @KaceySmith.

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