Lock, Fade And Stay Away (7/22/20)

Lock: Leeds United -150

Leeds United has ran away with the EFL title and will be promoted to the English Premier League in 2020-2021. Their matchup against Charlton Athletic will be no different than how it has been for Leeds United since the restart. Posting a 6-1-1 record since the restart, Leeds has been the most dominant team in the English Football League. Meanwhile for Charlton Athletic they have posted a 2-3-3 record since the restart and has looked shaky on the pitch from time to time. Look for Leeds to jump out to a lead in the first half, and to not look back as Leeds United money line is my lock for the day.

Fade: Liverpool -105

Liverpool captured the English Premier League Title earlier during the restart, and ever since then they have been a shell of themselves on the pitch. Since the restart Liverpool has a 3-2-2 record, and have struggled in the majority of their games. The injury to Jordan Henderson has also played a big role in Liverpool’s struggles. For them to not have their captain on the field has hurt them for the short period of time. Liverpool has a hungry Chelsea team coming in led by Christian Pulisic that will be looking to maintain their spot on the table. With Liverpool struggling on the pitch this is an easy fade in my opinion.

Stay Away: Torino vs Hella Verona

Both of these teams have struggled since the restart with Torino (3-2-4) and Hella Verona (2-4-3) and nobody knows which direction this game could go in. Torino being the favorite at +130 and Hella Verona the underdog at +215 doesn’t help pull me in any direction. When I look at the lines for the game I want to watch there is usually one that sticks out to me. In this game that I would like to watch that line that sticks out doesn’t exist. This is my game that I will be staying away from as we have a nice weekend coming up filled with some good action.

-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212 on twitter)

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